Welcome to Echelon!

Taterstots a posted Jan 16, 12

Echelon is a raiding guild on Black Dragonflight - Horde - that was founded in May of 2009.   The guild is comprised of dedicated individuals who are interested in hardcore raiding but are unable to commit to the often overwhelming time-demands of hardcore raiding guilds.

Since our inception, Echelon has raided two nights a week and been among the top progression guilds on a two night a week schedule. 

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday and Thursday - 8PM - Midnight (EST time)

We currently remain focused on 20-man Mythic content in Warlords of Draenor, but have a strong player base who are active in other aspects of WoW such as arenas, battlegrounds, and achievements.

Echelon is always looking to add talented players to our roster.  If you are interested in applying, please check out the application form on our forums for current application needs and information.

For more detailed information about Echelon, please take a look at the Guild Information forum.